carla pineda

My parents and grandparents owned a bookstore when my Mother was pregnant with me (if my math is right) and one of my earliest memories are of that bookstore and of my grandmother's "book closet".  There was no such thing as a banned book in our house.  Mother was an English teacher so reading and writing were a given.  I still have the copy of 101 Famous Poems my grandparents gave me when I was 12, my daddy's copy (1st edition) of The Yearling, and my mother's library card.  I never have enough bookshelf space for all the books in our home today.

My passion lies in working with women and exploring their creativity, spirituality, health/wellness, and wholeness through the venues of reading and writing in circles of support, sharing, safety, and fun.

My educational background is in psychology and counseling and I am a certified spiritual director.

I was blessed, over most of past 20+ years to get to hang out at one of the most special independent bookstores, Viva! Book Store and Gallery in San Antonio.  I was the assistant manager/special events coordinator and always managed to spend more than my paycheck on books, art, and blank journals.  I never leave home without my journal, blank paper, pens, and a book (or two.)  In early 2016 Viva! closed after 42 years.  I'm still "reading and writing a life" even though the physical business of Viva!  is gone.

My husband, Paul, is a nursing home administrator, and a published poet.  We have 5 adult children, and 8 beautiful grandchildren, who more often than not, get books for birthdays and holidays.